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´╗┐Sustainable Development and Human Rights

from: Around the world people are suffering from not having adequate shelter, or enough food to eat, and it is often caused by poverty. Slave wages and unemployment are the major causes of hunger and sickness. Life cannot be sustained for long without the basics of human needs being met, and this is where sustainable development comes in to play. Everyone needs shelter, clean water, food, education, and an income to support themselves, as well as medical needs; these are basic human rights. The absence of these needs will start a chain reaction in the body; the immune system will become impaired due to malnutrition and then sickness and disease will follow.

Sustainable development guarantees that everyone will have their basic needs met. Many people can improve their standard of living by having access to education. Individuals learning a trade to provide goods and services will afford them their basic needs of life. Sustainable development assures that everyone that works for a living will have a fair wage, and that everyone will have an opportunity to have an education. Sustainable development ensures that those that cannot afford college tuition will have an opportunity to receive financial assistance, whether it is a grant or a student loan. Education eliminates poverty.
Sustainable development assures that every human being will have access to medical care. Most employers offer a medical coverage plan for full time employees as part of their benefit packages. Still, there are people in the US and around the world that don't have medical insurance. Efforts are being made to make good medical care affordable and available to everyone.
Basic human rights are for everyone, not for just the ones who can afford it. Whether you are physically fit or disabled in some way, you have a right to the necessities of life. Sustainable development insures that people with disabilities have access to public buildings. Banks, hospitals, and doctors' offices must give access to people in wheelchairs. The movement of sustainable development not only relates to physical and social issues, but also environmental issues. The goal of sustainable development is to meet the needs of the people, while preserving the integrity of the environment. There are three main parts of sustainable development, and they are environmental, sociopolitical, and economic sustainability.
The sustainable development in the most powerful countries of the world, such as the G-8 ( USA, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, UK, Italy, and Russia) help to set the standards for the rest of the world. These countries working together to eliminate poverty, increase trade, to meet the needs of people around the globe.

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